Self Titled 7"

by Burning Bridges

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Burning Bridges are a socially conscious pop/punk band from Keene, NH. Formed in august of 2011.


released February 27, 2012



all rights reserved


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Behind Punk is a D.I.Y. punk blog/fanzine based out of Moscow, Russia.

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Track Name: Burning Bridges - Butt Cheese America
if growing up is the next stage in life
then i don’t wanna ever know ... what its like
lets just be kids for ever
i don’t wanna.. grow up today
so now you tell me that this is it
i will never play golf.. i’d rather be dead
we gotta make sure we stay kids forever
i just wanna.. play kick ball
and it seems like every year is flying by
before we know it, its summer time
we hangout all day, then go to shows
we try not to waste our time changing our clothes
no one is wrong in a house of kids
there are no rules in a house of kids
no one is excluded in a house of kids
there are no bed times in a house of kids
if working full-time is what happens next
then i don’t wanna ever know ... what its like
lets just be kids for ever
i don’t wanna.. ever grow up
so now you tell me that this is it
i’ll never learn to sit still.. i’d rather be dead
we better stay kids forever, cause
i just wanna.. play wall ball
i don’t wanna get a real job
you tell me to act my age
i don’t even know, what that means
Track Name: Burning Bridges - I Am An Earthling
born in a disease filled cage
taken away before i ever saw your face
wish i knew how i ended up here
can’t inhale without coughing
surround by sickness and death
don’t know anything but fear
shove chemicals down my throat
i hope they end up in your body
suffering is an understatement for what this is
my world is a dark cold hole
you beat me down, you throw me around
i am left to die, cold and alone
you burn me so bad that my skin breaks off
screaming does nothing when no one is listening
turned upside down unconsciously in pain
blood pours up into my head
slit my throat
throw me onto the ground
this is not who i was born to be
this is a genocide
and you are supporting it
i hope when i end up on your plate
you know i once had a face
Track Name: Burning Bridges - Pride Rock
you know you’re king of the jungle
you sleep all day and you play all night
we have to hide you from our fucking landlord
but they know that we’ll put up a fight
you’re so cute sleeping in your box
scratching the couch and chasing the mouse
everything the light touches is yours
simba, you are the lion king
Track Name: Burning Bridges - You're No More Progressive Than Progresso Soup
this is not a stepping stone, for me
and it shouldn’t be for you
cause this is all we know
and there is no room for shit like you
in this community
Track Name: Burning Bridges - No War On This Land
is this a hand of comfort and peace? never met this kind of man
the fire came and burned the kids cause they said no way
in a land of swim or sink i would rather sink then believe in all your shit, and be part of it
stole heart from a soul and made the walking dead with no where else to go you made a broken home
nature is lost because of your greedy hand
a nature lost doesn't stand a chance in this locked box
you have wives and you have kids but they don't bleed cause you're a god who likes to kill
no words just an action words can't explain this kind of pain
no war on this land
broken hand tries build and rebuild again
born and broke your god wears a crown of thorns its a fucking joke